Site Excavation

Micro and Mini Excavators
0.8 Tonne micro excavators are quite simply the smallest, most manoeuverable diggers on the market with tracks that retract meaning the width of the machine is reduced enabling access through a standard door width. The 1.5 Tonne diggers are a staple of the small construction industry. Better depth of dig over the micros yet still compact. Most will also have a bull dozer bar to help with earth movement and shaping.

Standard & Large Excavators
The standard excavator range consists of diggers from 2.5 Tonnes to 5 Tonnes. These machines have a bit more weight to throw around meaning they are ideally suited to grading and levelling work. Zero tail swing options mean you can work with your back tight up against a wall or building. At the large end of the market we find anything from 8 to 20 Tonne machines that are capable of moving substantial quantities of earth as well as loading tipper vehicles, digging footings or demolition projects.